Patch Rollup to v0.4.1

Full patch notes for all versions are available on the Trello roadmap:

Major Features

  • Netplay - play online with friends via invite codes. Lobby browser, quick play, etc coming later
  • Main menu added, with beginning of a settings menu
  • Control rebinding via console commands - rebinding coming to the Controls menu by v0.5.0

Other Stuff

  • Grab mechanics have been revised significantly
  • Throws now slow based on weight
  • Lots of major balance, mechanics, and physics tuning
  • Moved from OpenGL 4.3 to OpenGL 4.0, improving hardware compatibility
  • New audio loader, which significantly improves music loading time
  • Lots of improvements to the versus menu, though it's still a mess


Antistatic - Windows 52 MB
Version 4 Jun 19, 2019

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